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“If Rob were a breakfast cereal he would be Rice Krispies – Snap, Crackle, POP! He delighted our crowd with his energy, passion and most importantly educational content. In Rob’s world, it comes down to one question – ‘How likely would you recommend Rob?’ I’d give him a 10 for extremely likely!” Bill Flitter, Founder/CEO Dlvr.it & Host, Content Marketing Strategies 2013, May 8-9, Claremont Hotel, Berkeley, CA



“Building brand advocacy is a critical topic and area of expertise we were hoping to bring to the table at our Explore events in 2012. Rob was the perfect man for the job. Not only is his enthusiasm and style engaging and uplifting for the audience, the expertise he brings to the table on the subject is second to none.” - Jason Falls, Founder, Social Media Explorer and host of its Explore event series



“Rob is clearly a thought leader in brand advocacy. He immediately engaged Online Marketing Summit attendees with his insights, while delivering practical application for how brands can leverage their advocates to deliver results.” - Shannon L. Ryan, GM, Online Marketing Summit



“In these lean times, my marketing budget is limited. Zuberance showed that I can grow my marketing team by identifying and engaging my most loyal customers. Rob mixed humor and relevant business cases to show how any sized organization can adopt this practice. This session was the highlight of the Art of Marketing conference for me.” - Kristine Olmstead, Marketing Consultant & Social Media Advisor and San Diego American Marketing Association member



“Rob Fuggetta was instrumental in adding value to the understanding of Social Media and Brand Advocacy for health club operators at the Club Industry Conference this year (2012).  His book provides comprehensive insight into the cost effective necessity of leveraging your brand advocates to grow and manage your business.  Rob understands how to take a business and grow it through the power of its current brand with its best customers in a way that is unmatched.  His formula for identifying your customers so that you can take action to amplify their voice and serve their needs is invaluable.” - Bill McBride, President & COO, Club One



“Rob’s presentations are the perfect blend of information, entertainment and engagement. His knowledge of both B2B and B2C brands runs deep as does his field experience, and I would recommend him to anyone who wants to understand brand advocacy better.” -Sima Dahl, President, Parlay Communications, Ltd. and Board Director of Business Marketing Association, Chicago



“Rob has spoken on a number of our webinars. We’d highly recommend Rob as a speaker. He’s lively, informative, and has the ability to seamlessly engage his audience. He will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout his presentation, whether you are a marketing guru or are new in the field.” - Kelsey Arnold, Community Manager, Social Media Today



“Rob did a fantastic job contributing his advocacy knowledge and expertise to the social media panel discussion he participated in at Club Industry. His passion for advocacy was very inspiring and left our audience excited and eager to get started with their own advocacy strategy.” - Jody Mason, Conference Manager, Natural Products Expo West



“Rob is an extremely engaging and dynamic speaker. He captures his audience by being highly interactive when presenting fresh, captivating content. He shared plenty of tweet-worthy facts and case studies on how both B2B and B2C brands are generating recommendations via brand advocates. It has been a pleasure working with Rob here at the Online Marketing Institute and I can 100% say I’m an advocate for Rob Fuggetta’s presentation!” - Alyssa Andrade, Content Coordinator, Online Marketing Institute



“Rob Fuggetta’s visual presentation is a must see for public relations professionals who want to stay ahead of the game.  He provides tangible, real-world examples of how to use your advocates as powerful tools to send timely, positive content to an instant messaging, content-hungry public.  Brand Advocates is your roadmap to leveraging the power of social media.” -Kimberly Prato, Board of Directors, Public Relations Society of America, San Diego/Imperial Counties Chapter



“A constant challenge we have as a marketing organization is to provide valuable education which is informative, timely and helps our members stay up-to-date on the ever-changing world of marketing. Rob fit the bill perfectly. He brought the critical topic of Brand Advocacy to our event in an engaging, interactive and relatable presentation which left our attendees inspired to put into practice the information Rob provided. We would love to have him speak again.” Debi Lerkins and Anna Brice, American Marketing Association – Phoenix Branch Board Members


Laurie Beasley_Photo 2008

“Rob is a dynamic speaker and he understands the challenges marketers are facing in their social media marketing.  He shared leading edge tactics and case studies on managing reputation and social media.  Many attendees noted to me that they took away actionable ideas and thanked me for having Rob speak.”  Laurie Beasley, President, Direct Marketing Association of Northern California www.DMAnc.org



“Rob Fuggetta covered the critical part of branding that is often overlooked when growing companies are focusing on growth: the customer. He really understands that building, monitoring and growing the brand advocates is key to building sales and a positive and enthusiastic customer relationship.” - Steven Donaldson CEO/PresidentRadiantBrands


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“Rob is a very energetic and interactive speaker who engaged our audience with his knowledge of creating and leveraging Brand Advocates.  Our members and guests were very impressed by his presentation and really enjoyed the open dialogue and group exercise.  Many people said it was one of the best presentations they’d seen in a long while.  I would highly recommend Rob as a speaker!” – Laura Swanson, President, America Marketing Association, Sacramento Valley



“Rob is a charismatic, engaging and enthusiastic speaker … and he has an important message to share with everyone wanting to promote their brand and increase sales. Using case studies Rob introduced our audience of professional marketers to the brand advocacy concept and then generously went on to share the methodology Zuberance employs to implement a brand advocacy program.   While the concept and methodology are clearly based on years of deep thought and experience Rob has the ability to describe brand advocacy simply and eloquently. ” - Kirsty Nunez President, San Diego American Marketing Association



“The members of our American Marketing Association Chapter were unanimously delighted with Rob Fuggetta’s insightful presentation, “Unleash Your Brand Advocates.”   Rob skillfully engaged the audience from beginning to end, and delivered his thoughts with warmth, enthusiasm, and clarity.  Rob is clearly an expert in his subject matter, and everyone in the room found themselves face-to-face with the sheer power of identifying and engaging advocates.  I’d most definitely recommend Rob Fuggetta; he’s honestly one of the most impressive, dynamic speakers I’ve ever encountered.” - Rick Rickards, Independent Marketing Consultant and Programming Director of the American Marketing Association’s Inland Empire Chapter



“I highly recommend Rob Fuggetta and his presentation on Brand Advocates. We got many positive comments from our members about his presentation. They really liked the his engaging, enthusiastic style and excellent content include real-world case studies. Five out of five stars for Rob!” – McKenzie Coco, VP of Programming, AMA New Orleans, President/Founder, FSC Interactive

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